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    Can't upload book to Blurb or pdf

    Don G. Powell

      I keep getting error uploading when trying to upload a book to Blurb from LR.

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Don,


          Which version of Lightroom do you have?

          What is the error that you get while uploading book on blurb?

          If possible, share a screenshot of the error message.

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            I cannot upload my book to blurb.  Through the book module to blurb I get a variety of messages.  "error uploading books cover." or "Error uploading books pages" or "error occurred while saving"


            When I do PDF is uploads to my computer, but when trying to upload to Blurb I get "Preflight has deleted fatal problems with your PDF..."


            I have tried maybe 20 times.  Shut down LR, computer, internet, etc and started over. 


            I have spen 2 full days on the upload and no results.

            Any suggestions!!!!

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              I just updated to LR 6.8.

              Have a book ready to go to Blurb and get "LR - An Error occurred while creating the book" This happens with the progress bar about a quarter through.

              So I figured maybe memory/disk space problem. Backed up LR library, cleared caches, emptied recycle bin, updated LR to 6.8 (from 6.6).

              Same problem.

              So I figured I'd try to just to a print to PDF... I get a similar issue at the same point in progress "LR - An error occurred while saving the book".


              Early on in the PDF saving process, the "[filename] cover.pdf" file does get created. it is still some processing time later, where I suspect its processing the remainder of the book that this error happens.


              Somewhat urgent concern given xmas holiday printing / delivery deadlines.... please help!