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    Wireless Intuos issues.


      So I'm trying out Photoshop for the first time and I've run into a strange issue.When my Wacom Intuos (NOT pro) is wireless some brushes don't work at all and the ones that do have limited pressure sensitivity in that it can hit the minimum size but it's maximum is un-reachable. These issues aren't present with a mouse or with the same tablet and pen while using the wire, these issues also haven't occurred in any other program I've used. I checked today and my tablets drivers are the most recent ones available on the Wacom website, Photoshop is up to date as well, and I'm using Windows 10 64-bit which is also up to date. In case I haven't explained this very well I'll give a clearer example of what I mean. using the "Red Pencil" (or any of the pencil brushes as they all don't work) If I draw a line with my tablet while wireless nothing happens, If I use the mouse I get a consistent red line, If I use my tablet while plugged in I get a red line that fades in and out depending on how hard I push on my pen. However, If I use " Paintbrush Oval 45 Pixels Multiply" And Make a stroke with the mouse I get a consistent thick line, with the tablet while wireless I get a line that varies in thickness but can only get about half as thick as the mouse line, but if I plug the tablet in I get a line that varies in size that is capable of easily getting just as thick as my mouse line.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have any other wireless devices that might be causing interference?  Mouse, cordless phone sort of thing?

          Were is the receiver for the tablet?  Can you try relocating it with a USB extension lead?


          Try physically moving the tablet.  Put it on you lap, or hold it a few feet away from the computer.  I don't what frequency Wacom uses, but I'm guessing it is high enough to be affected by local fading.  Even moving the tablet a few inches can make a difference if that is what is going on, but I also don't know if Wacom has multiple antenna in its wireless tablets (like you see on some modem/routers often referred to as diversity systems.


          In the Photoshop Brush Presets panel, does the brush preview show as tapered when a 'pressure affects size' is selected?  This normally shows as untapered until you touch pen to the tablet.  Do you see the yellow Pling (exclamation mark) icon?

          Do you have any of the override buttons switched on in the Options bar?

          Have a look at those and get back to us.


          We also have this useful guide on the forum overview page.  I should have asked what operating system you are using?

          Tablet support for Photoshop on Windows 8

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I did not buy a wireless adapter for my Intuos 5 so I can not comment on how well it works.  Try removing the wireless adapter and battery from your intuos tablet the reinstall them.  Check the charge in the battery see if it works any better then.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              JJMack wrote:


              I did not buy a wireless adapter for my Intuos 5 so I can not comment on how well it works. Try removing the wireless adapter and battery from your intuos tablet the reinstall them. Check the charge in the battery see if it works any better then.

              JJ, I was lusting over upgrading my Intuos 4 to a 5 Touch, but have found that gestures are a PITA on my little Cintiq, so I decided there was no point.  I'd be interested to hear from other 5 Touch users to see if they are getting on with gestures, and if so, any tips and tricks to make for a happy user experience.

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                I disable some of the standard gestures for Photoshop in my intuos tablets. You can also program 4 and 5 finger gestures for Photoshop. I can not say I like touch gestures that much, For example for zooming I'm more likely to grab and use my mouse wheel than use touch.  I also find touch rotating lags. I mostly use the wacom pen wit brush type tools for masking.  I'm not a painter...

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                  enderfreaks Level 1

                  I don't have any other wireless devices. The receiver is in a USB port on my PC tower which usually 1 foot or less to the left of the tablet when I use it. I don't have any sort of extension piece for it. Regardless of the Tablets physical location, the result is the same.The brush is shown as tapered in the menu, there are no exclamation marks of any kind, and I have selected the Pressure for size option from the top of the screen. the battery is at 100% and removing then reinstalling the wireless receiver and battery pack hasn't had any effect. I also have a picture with examples, all the lines were made with the same brush without changing anything other than whether my tablet is plugged in or not. I started each line at the top pushing down as hard as I could within reason and then lightened up as I drew the line.example.png

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                    Oh dear.  I'd be verging on suicidal if my tablet gave me results like that.   The lines below are helped by Lazy Nezumi, but not exactly terrible without it.  If you are using Windows, you should maybe have a look at Lazy Nezumi Pro.

                    OK,  I wasn't asking if you used a USB extension lead.  I was suggesting that you did try one, to get the receiver closer to the transmitter in the tablet.


                    Has it ever worked satisfactorily with a wireless connection?  If the answer is no, then you might have a bad example.  This user on Amazon claims to have tried his on five different computers, all with the same result.  That suggests that the hardware is the problem for him.  In fact almost 10% of the user reviews on Amazon give it one star with poor to none wireless performance.


                    I grabbed the text below from the user guide, and it says more or less what I asked about in my first reply.  2.4Ghz is used by some cordless phones.  Do you have one in your house?  Do you have a laptop?  If yes, or if you have a friend who will let you try theirs, test it in a different location.



                    • If your screen cursor lags behind the pen movement on the tablet or frequently “jumps” about, or if you see excessive straight line segments when drawing in graphics applications, your wireless connection may not be able to transmit all of the data from the tablet with the necessary speed. This may be caused by interference from other radio sources, obstructions in the radio wave path, excessive distance from the computer, or a combination of the above.


                    To improve the wireless connection and optimize tablet performance:

                    • Remove any metallic objects that may be in the line of sight between Intuos and the Wacom wireless receiver attached to your computer.
                    • Try connecting the wireless receiver to a USB extension cable, and place it on your desktop or somewhere in sight of Intuos.
                    • Move the tablet closer to your computer.
                    • Switch off any other devices operating in the 2.4 GHz radio spectrum, such as mobile telephones, etc.,or move their antennas further away from your computer.
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                      enderfreaks Level 1

                      The jankyness of the lines is probably my fault(I've only been using the tablet for like 2 weeks so I'm still getting used to it.), but like I said in my original post I'm using windows 10 64-bit and the wireless sensitivity issues only happen in photoshop, I've tested it out in Corel Painter 2017 and it works perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. I took a screenshot of the same line test I did in photoshop but in Corel 2017.


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                        Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                        OK.  Are you using Windows Ink or WinTab?  (your OP was very cluttered and I only skimmed it to stop my eyeballs exploding)


                        You need to be using WinTab, as described in the Tablet Guide I posted the link to.  It's easier to follow in this old thread

                        Re: wacom tablet jittery with graphic's processing enabled


                        After you have done that, if things seem to be working OK, please try Lazy Nezumi Pro. You get a free trial period, and you'll be amazed at the improvement in your brush work.  I think it costs around $35 (it was only $30 when most of us forum regulars took to it years back)  No Windows using Tablet owner should be without it.

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                          enderfreaks Level 1

                          I'm using Windows Ink, I figured I didn't need to set up wintab though because that support article you had linked to before said that Wacom Tablets should use Windows Ink, Though after setting photoshop to use Wintab all the issues are solved. Thank you very much.