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    Run script at startup to select Tools and then Document


      Our firm uses third-party software that is integrated with Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat DC was just pushed out this week and something we've noticed is that if we had any buttons from the third-party software added to the Quick Tools Toolbar, when you first open a document they are not displayed. The quickest workaround we've found to get them to display is to click on "Tools" and then "Document" again, and the buttons will then display in the Quick Tools Toolbar.


      I googled a bit and saw other people were experiencing the same issue:


      PDFlyer tools disappear from Quick Tools toolbar

      Plugin tools disappear from Quick Tools Bar after restart


      I contacted the maker of the software and they said they have no control over how buttons are displayed in the Toolbar, and that is something that Adobe would need to fix.


      I submitted a bug report to Adobe but I have a feeling this is something that wouldn't be high on their priority list. That being said, is there a quick javascript that would select "Tools" and then "Document" every time a PDF is opened so that the 3rd-party buttons will show without any user interaction? If it helps, here is some specific information:


      Operating System: Windows 7

      Acrobat Version: Standard DC

      Version Number: 2015.006.30198 and 2015.006.30243

      Release: 2015 Release (Classic)


      Thanks in advance!