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    FlashPlayer: multiple install request pop-ups Mac OS 10.11.6


      Lately I get about 5 or more popup reminders to install Adobe Flash Player.

      When I say yes, these files download. I did install some of them over the past month, but now I am getting his message to install Flash player about 5 or more times a day.


      I should have wondered when the 'ppau' looks like papua new guinea or something.

      How can I prevent this window from popping up all day?

      Do need to concern myself about malware? My computer seems fine



      1. Mac retina Macbook Pro 2013 laptop

      2. OS 10.11.6 El Capitan, updated

      3. in Safari,

      Security: Adobe Flash Player; Allow websites to use this plug-in with the settings below:

      Adobe Flash Player version

      I mostly use Safari Version 10.0.2 (11602.


      currently open websites:

      Forums.adobe.com ON



      configured websites: adobe.com ON

      When visiting other websites ON


      When I go to a TEST ADOBE FLASH PLAYER, the box bounces, and I see the clouds moving.

      Thanks, Etana, Silver Spring, MD

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          "AdobeFlashPlayer_24ppau_a_install.dmg" is an update file for Flash Player PPAPI plugin, for Opera and Chromium-based browsers.  If you use Opera or Chromium-based browsers, install the update and the update notification will stop (although, it shouldn't happen every 5 minutes).  If you don't use Opera or any other Chromium-based browser, uninstall Flash Player, then re-install Flash Player NPAPI plugin (for Safari and Firefox).