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    Definition of document variable


      Hi All,

      how i can define variable to point to a document. is

      var mySourceDocument = app.documents[0] ;



      it produce Result:undefined.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Saeed,

          I suppose you are running this line of code with the ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) app and you are seeing this in the JavaScript Console after running:


          Result: undefined


          That does not mean that your variable mySourceDocument is undefined.

          The whole script—that one line—is returning that to the ESTK console.


          If you would add a second line like that:


          var mySourceDocument = app.documents[0];


          the result in the ESTK console—if a document is open—would be:


          Result: [object Document]


          The script would not return anything to the ESTK console if you would add e.g. exit() as second line:


          var mySourceDocument = app.documents[0];



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            Saeedfs Level 1



            Thanks a lot! that is true. while waiting for the answer i tried to define the variable without var i.e

            1. mySourceDocument = app.documents[0]; 


            and result in the ESTK console is

            1. Result: [object Document]