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    Threading images or objects




      I’m making a catalogue a few times a year where most of the content (chairs) is the same, however every now and again an item is taken out of production and new stuff added. This results in me having to rearrange everything on the pages following the new or deleted item. Is there a way to link/thread images frames like text frames?


      Scenario: I have a page with 6 items on, (#1 #2 #3 over #4 #5 #6). I need to add one new item on spot #1 and take out item #5.

      Old #1 should be pushed to frame #2.

      Old #2 should be pushed to frame #3.

      … This should of course riddle down on the following 80 pages, so I can take out item #31 and the reaming 100 items should rearrange them self.


      This is simple enough with text (Threading), but does anyone know of a way to do it with images or PDF files?


      Ideally I would like two ID file #1 with catalogue, and #2 where I can create the individual Items (image + sells specs) on their own page.

      Then having the Item file #2, link into the catalogue file #1, and automatically taking all pages from #2, adding the content into frame 1-6 on each page.


      Thank you!