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    Help. I converted to DNG and I need to load a catalog that has the files is RAW

    Josh Tam

      Hi. Hope you guys can help. First time on the forum too. And sorry if this has already been asked. I searched but didn't find.


      So I photographed a wedding as a second shooter. The main photographer took my files and did the editing on his end to keep the look consistent. I took my files and archived them on my end in my Lightroom catalog and as part of my regular system maintenance, accidentally converted the raw files to DNG.


      Now the main photographer has exported the catalog file to me but I can't apply the Lightroom editing changes on my system since my files are now all DNG files and the catalog thinks they are raw. I can do it manually, but here are thousands of files. Is there's a way? Please help!


      (worst case I can get him to export me the files again but I'm hoping i can get it fixed without this)