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    License questions with using a VPN


      Hello Guys & Gals,


      First let me say hope you all have a great Holiday Season (Christmas).


      That said here is my questions.


      I own quite a few programs from adobe and have many from other companies.

      Now I am concerned about my adobe software and here is why.


      I use a vpn, lots more then i did before and with other companies I guess the software reports to them and it saw my license in different countries multiple time a day. So they were auto-deactivated as it looks like other people in different countries are using my software keys.

      I connect using my vpn many times a day to different countries so I can view stuff I cant get where I live currently.

      I've had vpn for two years buy just recently started using it lots.

      So right now i am in multiple fights  trying to get my other software from other companies re-activated.

      That leaves me a bit worried about my Adobe software as it is a bigger expense then all my others put together.


      Am I going to have the same issue with my adobe software when at some point it will connect to adobe while i'm on my vpn from another country?

      If it will be an issue how would I deal with it as I am sick of fighting with other companies.


      I know the easiest would be to not use a vpn but it is needed.

      The vpn allows me the freedom but I never expected software to get screwed up from simply using a vpn.


      So if anyone could let me know if I will have the same issue with my adobe software.

      I tried to contact Adobe but i no longer have phone support for it according to site.


      Please let me know.

      Thanks in advance



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