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    Apple Photostream to LR?


      New LR user, coming from Photos.


      About the only thing I liked about Photos was that it automatically maintained copies of both my DSLR images and my mobile images.  I just needed to open the Photos app and there they were ( the mobile images, that is ).


      I am trying to duplicate something similar in LR and am coming up blank.


      I have tried using LR Mobile and and the "Sync with Lightroom Mobile" feature by enabling auto import on my mobile devices, but this requires me to open the LR Mobile app on my iPhone and wait for everything to auto-add and then sync up.  I want the process to complete brainless and seamless.


      I then started looking at a utility called Photostream2Folder and LR's Autoimport feature, but LR's auto import feature has 2 issues with that process:

      1.  all photos in the Watch photo have to be at the root; LR can't search through subfolders

      2.  the auto import doesn't follow the same "rules" as the regular import of LR.  For example, it won't auto import into folders based on Year/Month


      There has to be an easier way to do this, right?


      Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!