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    How to export files with fonts for client

    Christian Child Cares

      I need help. I do a lot of work with photoshop. I need to know how to provide the source file to the client and include the fotns. i.e.  How do I package the file and include the fonts. Thank you.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Your client may not be licensed to receive the fonts.

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            D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

            There is no package feature such as that in InDesign that will allow bundling of fonts used in the document.


            You would have to provide the fonts separately and the client would need to install them in order for their version of Photoshop to read the image correctly as you intended.


            Alternatively, if they do  not need to edit the text you could convert the type to shape layers (not advisable for paragraphs). At least then they will not have any issues reading as designed.


            If they, and you have a subscription to the Cloud then you will both have access to the TypeKit fonts. Just make sure your designs rely o those fonts and you should have no problems. You will not need to bundle the fonts as they will have access to them vis TypeKit.