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    Additional image price for team plans

    vera_c Level 1

      Hi! I'm looking for some information regarding Adobe Stock that I couldn't find anywhere on the pricing pages.

      What is the price for additional images (standard licence and extended licence) for different team plans?


      I understand that without a plan, a standard licence image costs $9.99. And for individual plans (350 standard assets/month) extra assets cost $0.99. Am I correct?

      But I cannot find the price for additional assets if you purchase a team plan.


      Thank you!

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          Please check the FAQ for details - FAQ | Enterprise and Teams


          What if my team uses up all of our image licenses for the month?

          If you anticipate 3 or more overages a month, you will save money by purchasing an additional 10-image Stock subscription for your team. Team members in the countries where Adobe Stock is sold directly on Adobe.com and stock.adobe.com can purchase additional image licenses as needed, but they must pay for the licenses themselves. The on-demand licenses will not be charged to the team’s regular payment instrument.


          Extended licenses are available on demand for $79.99




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            Hi Beverly,


            I have the same question about the costs of additional images once you reached the maximum of a team plan, but even though I checked the FAQ you mentioned, I still don't know how much that would be.


            Additional standard assets for an individual plan (10 standard assets per month)  is € 2,99 for any additional image.


            But how much is a standard asset for any additional image within a team plan for 10 standard assets per month?