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    Your computer is low on memory


      ‘Your Computer is low on memory’.

      After I’d recently resumed Video Editing [quite normally] for 3 days using Adobe Premier Elements 14.1 >  I began to receive this Error Message from Windows 10 Pro.  Windows is now soon spontaneously shutting down this program each time I try to do more Video Editing, making it unusable. Uninstalling/reinstalling the program did nothing to help.

      My Computer had 8 Gb R.A.M and c half of my H.D.D is still vacant.

      So far I’ve received no replies/responses at all to my 2 requests for help to tcssup@adobe.com  over the last 3 days.

      In view of the good reputation of the Adobe brand, in good faith I purchased this product on Sat 28-11-15, and it initially functioned quite normally for a few months.

      I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions which might help.

        Richard K

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          LariosoDog Level 1

          If to make a wild guess, following postings on forum here - an update on Windows 10 created problems for latest versions of graphics card drivers, and they were suggested to revert those drivers to earlier version.


          The timing of your problem indicate this might be the case and related to your issue.


          But if this is fixed by NVIDIA, an update might be the cure as well.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            How long is the project you are working on?


            What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is this video?


            Is there a yellow-orange "render" line over the first clip you add to your timeline? This render line indicates that the program has not matched the project settings to your video specs -- which can result in poor program performance.


            Another common cause of out of memory errors is the use of photos in your project that are larger than 2500 pixels wide and 1875 pixels tall. Are you using larger photos in your project?