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    Best lightroom performance options?


      Hello I recently decided to try moving my Lightroom catalog and image files over to a LaCie thunderbolt portable external hard drive.  I was wondering if this decision was going to slow down speed performance in Lightroom CC?  I currently use an iMac 3.3 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16gb memory, 1TB fusion drive, and the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB.  The screen is the 21" 4k retina. 


      The main reasons for the move, were obviously to free up space on the iMac hard drive, but also to be able to share one catalog between the iMac and my macbook pro while traveling.  Just kind of second guessing my decision based on performance in the develop module...


      I noticed quite a lag sometimes in the develop module, prior to moving my catalog and image files to the Lacie external drive this morning.  Now I'm reading it may be better to keep the catalog and image files on an internal drive because of faster performance?  I shoot with a Sony A7rii which has ridiculously large files that take at least twice as long to import as my old 24mp Sony A7ii...  Almost has me thinking of switching back to Canon.


      I apologize ahead of time, I know this issue has been beaten to death in the forums, but Ive just read so many conflicting opinions.  Hoping my more specific gear setups will provide a better answer.


      Any advice would be awesome!