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    Air 24 for IOS Error creating files, invalid value in descriptor file UIDeviceFamily

    kai123456 Level 1



      Currently I'm using Adobe Flash CS6 to export my file to IOS IPA file.


      in my publish settings, I've set the followings:

      AIR 24 for IOS


      in my application descriptor file, I've changed this line from:





      But I still got the error: "Error creating files. An attribute or element contains an invalid value in the application descriptor file. (UIDeviceFamily)".


      When I submitted my IPA to apple, I got this reply from them:

      Invalid type for UIDeviceFamily value - Values for UIDeviceFamily are expected to be integers.


      But after I changed that line to integer, and set my descriptor file to "read-only", when publishing I still got that error.


      Hope anyone could help, thank you.