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    Interface goes black, except for photo


      Using the most recent version of Lightroom on a Mac Pro, El Capitan.


      I leave Lightroom open most of the time, and when I am working on a photo in Develop module, I may switch to another app or leave the computer on overnight, the screen saver comes on, etc. The computer is not set to go to sleep.


      When I come back to Lightroom after a long period of time, the interface is completely black, except for the photo. But everything else (all menus, top bottom, left and right) is gone, unclickable, innacessible. This started happening in past couple of weeks, not long after I updated Lightroom to the current version.


      I am assuming this is a bug, but wondering if I am missing something simple, and I would like to avoid quitting and reopening Lightroom every time.