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    Cannot Licence Image



      I have downloaded a preview of an image into a project. I like the finished project but I can't licence the image. I tried right clicking the image in my Libraries panel in PS and clicking Licence. I get a message asking if I want to licence the image for £5.99. I click Yes but there's an error:


      Sorry we weren't able to contact Adobe Stock to licence the image. Please try again later.


      I've logged out and back in again. No joy. I went in to my stock account on the web, found the image and tried to licence it. Got a message saying there was a payment error. Went in to my CC account and updated the expiry date and my card. Waited 10 mins and tried both options again. No joy. I left the account for over an hour. It says Expired next to Adobe Stock Single Image.


      The last time I licenced an image was when I had a Team Account (no stock subscription, just pay as you go). Now I have an Individual Account.


      Any ideas?