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    Find the same styles in two Documents

    Ananth@desgin Level 3

      Hi All,


      I am new in inDesign scripting, please tell me how to write a script to get same styles of paragraph and character styles in both of two InDesign documents. I am trying the script store the styles in one variable. Here is the code:



      var myDoc =app.documents[0];

      var myPstyle = app.documents[0].paragraphStyles.everyItem(0).getElements(0);


      for(i=2; i<myPstyle.length; i++)


          var newStyle = myPstyle[i].name;



      var myDoc1 =app.documents[1];

      var myPstyle1 = app.documents[1].paragraphStyles.everyItem(1).getElements(1);


      for(i=2; i<myPstyle1.length; i++)


          var format = myPstyle1[i].name;




      Is this even possible?



      Prabu G