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    Accessing the previews database

    plunkettphoto Level 1

      This is, I'm sure, outside the SDK parameters but I hope someone will help me out.


      I have written a program in C++ (a derivative of) that reads (a copy) of the LR SQL database and pulls information about the images into my own SQL database for tracking Stock licensing income and print sales.  I have succeeded with everything except accessing the information in the Previews database.


      I use a utility called 'Base' to read and manage SQL databases outside of my program (I'm on a Mac).  When I use Finder, all I see is "LR Previews.lrdata"  When I use Base I can't open the preview.lrdata file and get an error that says it is either encrypted or is not a database.  If I use Base to browse to it in the Open File action,  I can see that inside of preview.lrdata are 2 sql databases, previews.db and root-pixels.db which I CAN open with base.


      So my question is how do I get to the sql databases inside of previews.lrdata?


      Thanks in Advance.