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    Bug that mess up the counting of layers in PS

    casperbiemans Level 1

      I've found a really strange bug in the layers of Photoshop, that is frustrating. When I start a new Photoshop document and add some layers to it, it will work correctly. But especially when I have 6x times duplicated a group, the counting of the layers will be from 4 to Rectangle 505 immediately. It's very strange and it will only appears when there are a specific amount of (duplicated) groups - also with new created groups -  in the document.

      For me I've one group that consists out of 2 groups inside and in one of them 2 other groups. When I duplicate the highest group it will count from where it remained. But after the sixth copy of the group it will mess up the counting of the layers, when I add a new layer or shape to the document.

      Anyone else has this very strange bug in Photoshop CC 2017? And are there some fixes for this?