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    LR, Windows Photo Gallery, Picasa, Geosetter and more. Which is best for Face Tags?

    akuaba Level 1

      I scanned many old slides and have many photos of my own. I set out to archive these a couple of years ago. My main aim was to annotate details in a format that would last and could be transferable across imaging software products. After much deliberation I decided to use Windows Photo gallery because it was easy. The caption transferred nicely to Picasa and to Lightroom that I have not yet got used to. In LR however, the caption was replicated also in Title. Easy to fix. I also embarked on geotagging and after a few false starts, settled on LR. Again, with few exceptions, the locations seem to keep well across products. I then face tagged them and here is where I am at now; I see them in Geosetter (boxes over faces with names). Picasa too recognises them though as it is no longer supported I no longer use it.IN LR however, some are and most are not. Of a total of 4000 faces, 300 or so have matched perfectly. The remainder have boxes with '?' in them, others are a mess. I thought never mind. I do this manually again but move over to LR for workflow except that the pictures I have tagged with LR are not recognised in either Windows Photo Gallery or Geosetter!  I have looked this up here and elsewhere. It seems I must become a coder and embark on doing scary command prompts on Exiftool to get the regions and keywords to match or something but I keep hopeful - if some have gone across, then surely I must have done something to make that possible and I could get all to go across. Perhaps it doesn't matter that Windows doesn't recognise them but alas Windows isn't a small player here - what ever solution I chose, it must work across the main platforms. I'm now thinking I'll use Daminion or Mylio. They are free but do I really have to use yet another program to do these simple things? Somebody out there must have the answer - an answer that is suitable for a simple end user such as me that doesn't want to have to learn code or hack into a program to do basic things....Please help.