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    Installing selfmade Extension fails, can't update database

    dapleh Level 1



      (Working with CC2017, InDesign)


      I am just going through the tutorials, in debug-mode my extension is working though. (just a simple thing in InDesign)


      After signing it in the console, which works well, installing it with the extension manager results in several awkward messages:



      Installation-process asks for more priviliges, granted, result:


      Extension not installed, was unable to update database.   (which database... )


      Nevertheless, I do have now an orphaned menu-item in the windows menu which does nothing but should have a sub-menu.


      Trying to install it again results in:


      Check your manifest.xml or install needed Software.


      As I am aware of having my own menu structure in InDesign is possible, I thought that installation process might look for further information about the menu-structure; added that, no success.


      Any ideas what I can do or what went wrong?