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    Photoshop CS5 to CS6 on OSx10.7

    gerardk11193936 Level 1



      would appreciate help on this,


      My mac will only go to OSx10.7 and i dont want to buy a new machine yet.


      I use Photoshop CS5 but i need to upgrade to CS6 to install the camera raw file plug in that supports my new camera,


      Any idea on prices? and will CS6 work on OSX10.7?

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          I can't access much at the moment but you can Google easily to find the OS compatibility with PSCS6.

          However I think you will also find the CS6 has been discontinued earlier this year.....


          I would suggest strongly looking at updating your Mac.... Apple and Adobe have moved forward a lot since your machine and things cannot be made backwards compatible forever....