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    Slow Running and Stalls


      I see in the forums that other people have experienced this problem. BUT having started to create a site for the first time since the CC2017 Muse update I cant believe its this buggy and the problem is known about.


      In a 10 hour day today I have been able to get maybe 60 or 90 minutes work done, and I have had two sessions with online support both of whom put me through a totally pointless uninstall/reinstall process.


      It's clear that you at Adobe know about this issue, I am tied in to Creative  Cloud because I use several other programmes in the suite - all of which run sweetly so its not a memory of processing issue*.


      Come on Adobe stop making nice noises on the bulletin board and do something!


      *That includes Premier pro which I see from the performance log ion my PC needs far more resources.

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi Angela,


          I apologize for your frustration. The latest version of Muse that was released today has a number of performance fixes that can help. Can you update to the latest version, and let us know if you are still facing these issues?




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