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    Export Release Build stopping at tmp directory


      When I do export release build, the final directory is still named .tmp, The export always stops before renaming the final directory to be the Base filename.

      For example. All day long the exported release build went into a folder called MBlock

      Now, for the past three hours, the export release build ends up in a folder called adt1739482613465009176.tmp for example.

      I relinked my library and updated my ANE links. That seemed like a good idea. But didn’t help.

      Sometimes the tmp folder contains all the necessary folders, and sometimes it is short a few directories.

      Any idea why the Export Release Build suddenly stops at the tmp directory and doesn’t go all the way to the Base filename?

      Anyone seen something similar to this?

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          I found a way around this.

          When exporting, click to "save the temporary export directory". Actually, clicking this doesn't save the temporary directory for me, but allows the actual export directory to be saved.

          I also found that keeping the folder where I am exporting to on top and visible helps, not sure why.

          When all else failed, I just exported a second time, and the export directory usually stayed that way.