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    How to make Fractal Noise move with camera while precomped?

    Cyticre Level 1

      I have read a number of tutorials on this and still cannot figure out  a solution.....


      I have a precomped shape layer with fractal noise on it.


      When the camera which is parented to a moving 3D null moves across the precomped shape layer which is not moving, the fractal noise does not move.


      How do you make fractal noise move with the camera?


      I have also tried a solid layer instead of a shape layer which works when the solid layer is in the same comp as the camera. In my case I cannot put the shape or solid in the main comp- it needs to be precomped.


      I have tried using expressions to link the Offset Turbulence to the position of the shape layer itself, as well as a 3D null but I cannot find a script which would allow me to parent the Offset Turbulence to the cameras position or something that allows it to move.


      Any advice would be much appreciated.