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    Exported Zoom feature not working




      I’m using InDesign CS6 on PC and am trying to make my interactive pdf zoom to a specific place on my page using the hyperlink feature (like the Adobe manual says I am able to), but it’s not working.


      Specifically, I’m trying to use the Fixed Zoom feature upon making a New Hyperlink Destination. From what I understand, setting the Hyperlink (when set to “Page”) to “Fixed Zoom” will “display the magnification level and page position that were in effect when you created the link” (#6, Pg 465, Adobe InDesign CS6 Help and Tutorials).


      Because it’s impossible to adjust page position and zoom level while the New Hyperlink window is up, I’m assuming it’s supposed to Fixate on the magnification and page position I’m at prior to Hyperlinking my Object.


      After that, I make the Hyperlink to said Destination, where I select the corresponding Page and zoom level. However, I’ve encountered 2 consistent problems upon exportation to an Interactive PDF, which opens in Acrobat Reader DC:


      1) I’m unable to Hyperlink to a Destination that are both set on the same page and,

      2) When I set the Hyperlink and Destination on separate pages, it will link to my page, but it won’t perform the Fixed Zoom I set upon clicking said Hyperlink.


      I have tried:


      - Setting them both to Hyperlink Destinations,

      - Setting one as the Destination and the other as the Hyperlink,

      - Vise versa,

      - Turning off Page Transitions,

      - Pilfering through any settings potentially pertaining to Zooming in both programs,

      - Giving the Hyperlink "Fill" and “No Fill,” the Destination "Fill" and "No Fill,"

      - Changing screen modes in Acrobat Reader,


      ...nothing has worked.


      I encounter a similar problem when I attempt to use the View Zoom option for Buttons. It’s likely that I don’t quite understand how those zoom features work, but all of those options except for the Zoom In/Out options have not worked for me either.


      I’m hugely frustrated and completely stumped. Nowhere I look outside of Adobe manuals gives mention of these types of zoom features, much less even acknowledges this as a problem or provides any viable solution. I can’t even tell if it’s an issue with InDesign or Acrobat Reader.


      Even still, this method is just a means to an end. My goal is to simply zoom into a specific place on any given page (preferably one where I’m able to specify the zoom level) when I click the appropriate button. If there’s a better way to accomplish this goal, I’d be more than happy to hear it. Ideally, I’d like to utilize the Pan and Zoom feature using the Folio tools, but the Digital Publishing Suite is not a smart nor possible option for me. So, this is all I’ve got.


      Any help identifying the problem and/or a solution to this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks for reading,



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Zee,

          not an answer, just an observation with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC—not InDesign—applying a zoom factor to a form field on the same page: It's working inasmuch that by clicking the form field the area I intended was targeted.


          But the zoom factor was not exactly applied.

          I had set zoom to 300% with the form field's action, but after testing with Adobe Reader the zoom went to 313%.

          Not a good experience…


          As I can see you are working with InDesign CS6.


          There were some bugs with form fields in CS6 that were only fixed with CC v9.3.0 and CC 2014.2, I think. They were never fixed with CS6. Other bugs with form fields were introduced with InDesign CC 2015.4 and were not fixed yet with the current CC 2017.

          Don't know if the bugs affect what you are trying to do here.


          If I have time I will try something with my CS6 version of InDesign which is 8.1.0 on OSX 10.10.5.



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            zakiyat18242109 Level 1

            Hi Uwe,


            Thanks so much for the response, that does at least give me some insight. I have a mind to try the PDF file on an earlier version of Acrobat Reader to see if I get the same results. If not, then, despite the inelegance of it, I may simply be reduced to manually zooming into my desired location.


            Thanks again. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any insight I can gain on this as well.