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    User Variables and Related Topics

      Does all this silence mean that I'm attempting the impossible or that the answer is so obvious that I should be able to see it myself? :-) Either way, I could use a hint on which way to go here. I am on a very tight deadline and need to get this resolved.


      I'm trying to combine three product help systems into one RH project. The systems probably have 80% overlap with the only differences being product or component name changes. The variables are working well in the topics and I've got the conditional text taking care of the TOC and Index. My problem now is the related topics.

      How do I get the variable processing in the related topic titles? For example, a topic began its life titled Creating a Demo. Within the topic, it is now called Creating a <Name>. When I include it as a related topic and generate the help with <Name>=Class, the link still shows Creating a Demo.

      I'm sure the reason for this is that the title in the topic properties still shows the original title and that is apparently what it used for the related topic link. Is that correct? More importantly, is there a way around this?

      Thanks in advance
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          Roger N Level 2
          Sally -

          Welcome to the forum.

          As you've gathered, Related Topics lists are created in the generation process.... so, what to do?

          Since you are building a Webhelp system - you can create your own variables of sorts, e.g.: zzz_demo_term_zzz .

          Generate your Webhelp, and do a search-n-replace of all the instances of zzz_demo_term_zzz with the term of your choice. I like ReplaceEm, as it's free, and you can save your s-n-r scripts to repeat the search-n-replace process with two clicks or so after each test generation. FAR will do multi-line, multi-file search-n-replaces as well, but you'll need to specify what to look for each time.
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            sjderrick Level 1
            Thank you so much, Roger! Good work around. A little labor intensive up-front, but it will accomplish the goal.

            Hopefully, this capability can be added to future releases.

            Thanks again.
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              Is there a workaround for HTML help?