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    What happened to my Brush Tool/CTRL+Z??




      I work on a Mac and recently upgraded to OSX Sierra. Ever since this update, my Photoshop CS6 has been a little bit glitchy. The brush tool and CTRL+Z command don't work properly. Since I'm a digital artist, this is a huge issue as I use the CTRL+Z command about 3 times in 5 seconds.


      Basically what's happening is that I use the brush tool, then try to use CTRL+Z but it doesn't undo my brush action. I thought maybe it was my keyboard, but then I noticed that the brush tool was stuck. I had to click out of the Photoshop window and then click back in, and then the CTRL+Z command works. I can sometimes get about 5 brush strokes in before the CTRL+Z glitches up and doesn't work. Photoshop just gets stuck on the Brush Tool. I tried all of the FAQ Troubleshooting solutions, like reseting all Tool settings and preferences to default and hard resetting Photoshop, but it is still glitching up. I've tried restarting my computer but that isn't working either.


      I also tried not using the CTRL+Z command. Instead, I made brush strokes then switched to the eraser, and back and forth. But even then, Photoshop glitched up on the tools and thought I was using the eraser when I was actually trying to use the brush. But again, clicking out of the window then back in solved the issue for about 10 seconds before I had to do it again.


      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! I have commissions that I need to finish, so this is an urgent issue.



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Did you upgrade your OS before making sure the applications you use actually work with the new OS?

          The System Requirements mention MacOS 10.9 as the latest one for Photoshop CS6.

          Photoshop CS6 system requirements


          When one decides to use obsolete software changing any component of a running set-up (OS, hardware, …) is a risk. (edited)

          Updated to macOS Sierra, now Photoshop CS6 Crashing when closing a file

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            SteveWeinrebe Level 1

            You're on a Mac so you need to press Command+Z, not Control+Z. Ctrl+Z is the Windows shortcut for Undo. Cmd+Z is the Mac shortcut for Undo. If that's just a typo (easy to happen if you're a Win user too), see next...


            To rule out the obvious, try a different keyboard to make sure your keys aren't worn or glitchy. For instance the bluetooth keyboard that came with my Mac had keys that wouldn't always commit the key stroke and I had to return it; and I have a USB Mac keyboard that I've hit Cmd+S so often the S key doesn't always work.


            Also if you're on an older Mac and working with the Mixer brush on large files, make sure your paint stroke is completely finished drawing before pressing the keystroke. Sometimes the brush lags the cursor, depending on a number of factors.



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              Chiboop Level 1

              To be honest, it never really occurred to me that my Photoshop wouldn't be compatible with the new update.

              I had been avoiding upgrading, but eventually too many of my apps on my Mac gave me error messages, saying that the app cannot be used because my Mac was out of date, so I finally did the upgrade but am now deeply regretting it.

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                Chiboop Level 1

                Yes, I meant Command+Z.


                No, it's not my keyboard.


                It's hard to explain the problem, really. it's the normal Brush tool. it can do a couple strokes then gets stuck. but clicking outside of the Photoshop window and then back in resets the tool. By getting stuck, I mean that I can't do the Command+Z command or change tools, for example to the Eraser. It even got stuck on the eraser tool. I'm only doing small strokes in a small file so it's not a lag issue.

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                  SteveWeinrebe Level 1

                  I run CS5.1, CS6, CC 2015.5, and CC 2017 on a 2+ year old iMac with OS Sierra 10.12.3, and haven't seen that problem. Perhaps post your System Info here to see if it reveals any clues. Go Help>System Info and copy/paste.