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    Showing clipping in Lightroom when all the colors clip instead of just one channel?


      I am shooting a ton of product photos for a website. I set them up and shot them with a strong diffused backlight so that I could blowout the background and it would be 100% white. That part worked about %90 perfectly. The issue I had was anything made of glass is not quite right. Luckily I shot in raw and made sure I was not clipping out my highlights.

      Now I am in Lightroom and on these photos of glass product I am using a brush to go around the objects and make sure the background is clipped out to white. With "Show Clipping (j)" on it turns anywhere I have clipped out the white to red so you can see what is clipping. The issue I am having is the red shows when any color channel clips out, so if I rely solely on the red indicator I may have another color channel still having some information on the photo, so I get very subtle areas of color here and there. This normally is not an issue as I do not need to be so precise, but the glass objects are requiring me to be a little more detailed.

      TL;DR: My question, is there a way to make the red only show when I am clipping every color 100% in the histogram, not just one color channel?