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    D810 DNG not exported


      I have.dng of D810 raw ( as my LR is old 5.5 ). When I am exporting the .dng without any Development its exporting it fine . However, with developments its showing its exporting with Task complete but no .jpeg is written in output folder. Even by limiting the file size of 1000K / 1MB its not exporting at all.

      If I crop it to a lower area its exporting with development. I have 4 GB ram , my dng file is in external HDD with 500 GB space. This thing started all of a sudden. The LR5 calalog size is 1.05GB , LR Cache is 2GB. I have optimized catalog as well. Other .NEF of D7000 and all its exporting. How to solve the problem , any practical experience suggestions please?