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    Catalog import


      I bought a laptop for travel, Installed my Lightroom CC and added my travel photos to it. How do I get it to sync to my desktop computer? Or how do I move the laptop catalog to my desktop? Can I sync my laptop to the cloud and then down load to my desktop?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The cloud doesn't work that way. Lightroom CC enables you to create collections on your main computer that can be shared with mobile devices. When you share a collection it can be viewed and edited on mobile devices. If you want to see that collection on another computer you would go to Lightroom.adobe.com and sign in with your Adobe ID and password. Any adjustments you make on the laptop will automatically go to your files on the main computer.


          If you want to have access to all the images on both computers then the best solution is to put the catalog  and all of your images on an external hard drive that can be switched from one computer to the other. If you just want to put your collection on both computers then here are instructions on how to do that:


          It is not possible to automatically have separate catalogs on both computers that are in sync. Lightroom functions with a catalog that is on a hard drive directly connected to the computer. In other words, the catalog cannot be stored on a network drive.