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    unable to delete flashplyer24_xa_install.exe from desktop


      Hello Maria,

      I down loaded from my Adobe.com account the following file: flashplyer24_xa_install.exe on 02/28/17.

      Without incident, I installed the file and went on my merry way.  I download all my temp install files directly to my desktop so I can quickly delete them after a successful installation.  When I tried to delete this file, I got an error code:

      As I had installed the Adobe file on my personal Dell Win 7 laptop, and being the administrator for said laptop, I selected Continue.

      Only to be surprised by this window:


      Ok.  So now I have a file telling me that my computer's administrator (me) needs to make changes to this file. Poof. Nothing


      So I tried to run the file again and got this screen:

      I am permission-less.  Woe is me.


      Any advise or solution would be greatly appreciated. Any additional screenshots needed could also be sent.



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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          I branched your post to a new discussion as your issue is not related to the discussion topic you posted to.


          Thank you very much for posting the screenshots. If you've installed Flash Player using this file, it should have been deleted (the online/shim installer, which this is, deletes itself after it has been executed) the fact that it's still there indicates an issue with the permissions on your file system.  You can find out what permissions you have on the file by doing the following:


          • Right-click on the file and select Properties
          • Then select Permissions
          • In the Permissions tab there should be several Groups or user names listed, select your account and post a screenshot of the permissions for your account.


          On my system, I have to following permissions.  SYSTEM, and Administrator also have the same permissions:


          If you download the file again, you most likely will have the same permissions.


          It's difficult to stay what caused the file permissions to become corrupt, but until the permissions are restored you won't be able to delete the file.




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            ahava1313 Level 1

            What it turns out is that the software never had me reboot my system and I haven't rebooted since then.  At looking at your response I saw that I had not been told to reboot, so I did reboot and sure enough, after the desktop came up I was able to successfully delete the file.  Thank you for closing this problem.

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              maria__ Adobe Employee


              Flash Player installation doesn't require a system reboot.  I suspect something else is the culprit, but I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue.