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    Advices needed with regard to nested MSO

    pierre-y.p42664585 Level 1

      Good morning,


      I am working on a draft to make an interactive map with pop up MSOs.


      I went through Bob Levine's masterful Lynda video prior to this topic. It is not that complicated from what I learned.


      Unfortunately, I have not been able, with my files to replicate, either the nested MSO or the pop-up example using an MSO instead of a video.

      Maybe someone can point out my mistakes.

      Hopefully, my descriptions are not too complicated.


      I have a start page with pin symbols on a map.

      Afterwards, several individual pages will be inserted with individual MSO (5 or more states).

      For the purpose of this demo, just one active pin, so just two pages (start and target).

      Briefly, here what I tried.


      I created a MSO from both pages (start and target).

      I produced another MSO to nest within the pin target content.

      I succeeded to nest the latter, but only the first state shows up.

      I am probably not using the right sequence to achieve that.

      After several tries, I thought it would be more productive to ask the Adobe Community.


      I tried something else but not elegantly as the MSO process.

      I kept both pages outside a MSO.

      I used a pin button to get to the appropriated page.

      I pasted a MSO to the pin target page.

      It doesn't look that bad, even if the first two states are not properly rendered. 

      You can have a look by clicking the following link.




      Any advices to find a more elegant solution would be appreciated.


      Thanking everyone in advance.


      Pierre-Y. Plourde