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    Pop-up despite setting updateLegacyText to 'true'

    mr. plow

      Hi there,


      My scripted Illustrator workflow involves working with a lot of files with legacy text. The script I use to open these files creates an OpenOptions() object, to which updateLegacyText is set to true.


      var fileRef = File("c:\script_path\myfile.ai")
      var optRef = new OpenOptions();
      optRef.updateLegacyText = true
      var docRef = open(fileRef, "null", optRef);


      When I run this script using ExtendScript Toolkit, no problem -- the file opens and all the legacy text is updated.


      However, when I run the script from the command prompt...


      illustrator.exe -run c:\script_path\my_script.jsx


      Everything works EXCEPT I still get a pop-up asking whether or not I want to open legacy text.


      This may seem like a small inconvenience, but it means that this process cannot be fully automated. If I need to process dozens of files, I would need to be present to click "Okay" at each pop-up.


      I find this behaviour odd, since it works fine when run from the ExtendScript Toolkit. Is anyone aware of this problem? I am using the latest version of Adobe CC 2017.


      Thank you very much for any help you can provide