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    Add Track audio/video to sequence

    jportell25 Level 1

      It there a way to add a new audio or video track into a sequence?


      The way it would be used it to import footage into an existing sequence, but create a new track and import the clip onto that so that nothing would be overwritten?


      Is this possible or offered yet?

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          andymees@aje Level 3

          You should be able to add tracks using the unsupported and undocumented QE (Quality Engineering) sequence method "addTracks' ... it would be something along the lines of:



          var activeSequence = app.project.activeSequence;



          ... though I'm afraid it's not something I've used and I don't know the appropriate arguments needed.


          Are you familiar with using reflection to discover properties and methods? The QE DOM is an internal / private API used by Adobe's Quality Engineering team for automated testing purposes. As noted, it's not publicly supported, documented nor recommended ... but theres quite a lot of functionality in there for those willing to dig around.


          Good luck.


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            Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

            As Andy points out, the only way to do such track insertion today requires the unsupported QE DOM API.


            That will change, with our next major release...