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    How to Create Modern Family Motion Blur?

    sneedbreedley Level 1

      The show Modern Family begins with the family groups holding portraits. These portraits zoom and blur. I tried to emulate this effect in Premiere Pro CS6 using frame blend and in After Effects CS6 using Motion Blur (which has no effect) and Frame Blend which shows up on the timeline but not in the rendered video. How can I create that motion blur?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can use the CC Force Motion blur and crank the values way up. If you animated the lawyers you could just crank the shutter angle way up in the composition settings.


          There are a hundred ways to do this but if you tried using Frame Blend and it didn't come through in the render then I suggest you spend some time figuring out how After Effects works. It's not a program you can just open up and use.


          If you want to help diagnosing your  effects and rendering problem we need a screenshot showing all of the modified properties of the layers that are giving you problems revealed. Just press the U key twice, print screen and paste or drag your screenshot to the reply field on this forum.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hey sneedbreedley,

            How did you end up pulling off this effect? Did you follow Rick's advice? Let us know!