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    Flickering Titleds


      Hello, I'm trying to create a rolling titles in premiere pro, I'm having some serious problems since everything I do, doesn't  remove the flicker of thf/s e titles.

      I tried to apply some effects from premiere, I tried also to create the new titles in after effects, export them as video and it's perfect, but then when I import the title in premiere, the problem is still there.

      I also tried to export the title from after effects in 99 frames per second, and export the video from premiere in 23.976 f/s then re-import both in a new sequence in 29.976 f/s and is much better but is still not perfect, plus I'm not sure which future problem I could find with a video in 23 f/s export from a sequence in 29 f/s.


      is there anybody that knows how to create smooth scrolling titles?


      (Black background, white text, external font not in the premiere options)