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    Flickering Titleds


      Hello, I'm trying to create a rolling titles in premiere pro, I'm having some serious problems since everything I do, doesn't  remove the flicker of thf/s e titles.

      I tried to apply some effects from premiere, I tried also to create the new titles in after effects, export them as video and it's perfect, but then when I import the title in premiere, the problem is still there.

      I also tried to export the title from after effects in 99 frames per second, and export the video from premiere in 23.976 f/s then re-import both in a new sequence in 29.976 f/s and is much better but is still not perfect, plus I'm not sure which future problem I could find with a video in 23 f/s export from a sequence in 29 f/s.


      is there anybody that knows how to create smooth scrolling titles?


      (Black background, white text, external font not in the premiere options)



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I think the best results will be had by creating the title in Photoshop, bringing that into PP and using keyframes to simulate the roll.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Does it still flicker with a Premiere build in font?

            Make sure you use Sans-serif fonts.

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              matteob50581971 Level 1

              Thanks guys, I tried both your ideas, but it still flickers. the thing is that when I exported the titles from after effects it was perfect, but when I import that video in premiere and re-export eveything it goes crazy and it flickers.

              I tried to export everything in different frames/s from after effects, but the only way it doesn't flicker in premiere is changing the sequence to 60 f/s, and of course all the footage is ruined that way, so i can't.

              What's the trick to make these titles?

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Scrolling titles:

                Do the text in PS and animate in Pr.

                Might give better results.

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                  matteob50581971 Level 1

                  I did it already, it doesn't work, I might found a solution though. I exported the video of the titles if after effects in 4k resolution, and imported it in a HD sequence in premiere, it's not perfect but it looks much better.

                  (I also make the text thinner, I don't know if it helped or not, but now it works)


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                  Flickering Titleds

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                  Scrolling titles:


                  Do the text in PS and animate in Pr.


                  Might give better results.


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                    Averdahl Adobe Community Professional

                    What's the trick to make these titles?


                    Good looking rolling titles in 23.976 fps always look bad if they roll too fast. Making them in AE in any other frame rate will not improve them. Do the titles in 23.976 fps. The nature of 23.976 (low frame rate) is that all movements look more or less blurry, the slower the rolling title the better it will look.


                    There are a script/expression out there for AE to make rolling titles good. Do a Google search and you will find it.


                    More here: newb - smooth scrolling credits in AE ?

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                      justint43363431 Level 1

                      I had a similar problem, and here is how I fixed it:

                      Adobe Premiere > File > Project Settings


                      Then a menu like this comes Up:

                      Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.11.39 AM.png


                      I changed the "Renderer" to a different Mercury Playback Engine.

                      That fixed the problem for me.


                      I hope this helps!

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                        Same here. I found this post, thank god, which fixed the issue.


                        For this project, the client wanted informational "slides" with a text using Gill Sans font, which as some might know if a fancy-looking skinny font-type, which now know PPro has a hard time with. The flicker problem came up randomly, though. I thought it might be from having too much information on the screen or that maybe making the font BOLD would fix it by being less skinny. The flicker might disappear from that slide and appear in a different one in the same video though. Anyhow, I read this post then did an experiment exporting with two render options. I changed mine from the preset "Mercury....(Open CL)" to "Mercury....Metal". In this experiment, the flicker was almost 100 percent gone, but if you really looked for it, you could see a tiny bit of flicker still happening. Next experiment was to try changing it from "Mercury....Metal" to "Mecury...Software Only", which completely fixed all flicker problems. I hope this doesn't mess with quality or anything else, as I have no idea what I just did, but at least it works.


                        I hope this helps you as much as it did me. Thank you Justin for posting your fix.