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    Text rendering

      Hi all,
      I just noticed my text/content looked different after I published the captivate file? it looked like it has rendered or something. Can anyone help? I tried turning the 508 compliance on/off but made no difference

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          webbo1968 Level 1

          add a bullet a few lines below your last line of text. Then reduce the size of the caption to cover the bullet. This will crisp the text. Not sure why but it corrects a little bug in the software, which without the bullet, text appears 'bold'

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Webbo said:

            Not sure why but it corrects a little bug in the software, which without the bullet, text appears 'bold'

            Well, I'm guessing that some may disagree here, but it's not really a bug. It's designed behavior. Here is why it happens. If you were to insert a normal text caption and a transparent text caption and examine both of them close up, you would see why the text appears "Fuzzy" or "Bold". Take a look at the screen capture below:
            Click here to see the contrasting images

            Note how things appear on the transparent caption below the standard caption. This is called "Anti-aliasing". And that is what has been applied to the caption that makes it fuzzy. By adding a bullet, you are causing Captivate to skip applying the anti-aliasing to the caption. Now I'm the one who is unsure about things, as while I know *WHY* it happens, I have no clue as to why the mere presence of a bullet character causes Captivate to skip applying the anti-aliasing.

            Cheers... Rick
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              FreeMan04 Level 1
              Thanks guys
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                FreeMan04 Level 1
                HI again,
                As suggested Rick and Webbo, i added a bullet point below my text box but the text still look fuzzy (is better though).
                Anyone else have any suggestions. some of my pages have large chunk of text and fuzziness will not impress my audience.
                thanks guys@!
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                  If you imported your bullets from a ppt presentation for example, the image quality will be better if you run the presentation onscreen and record it with captivate, instead of using the function "import" slides, etc.

                  Gd luck,
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                    FreeMan04 Level 1
                    Hi guys,
                    I have a solution for this! hope this will be useful to you all.
                    1) Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 3\Gallery\Captions, and make a copy of the .bmp file, which is your caption graphic
                    2) Go to a graphic editing tool like photoshop to open the copied .bmp file. Select and delete all the color elements so it's just a transparent layer.
                    3) Save it as .bmp in the same location.
                    4) Finally, when you insert a transparent caption, apply the caption image that you just created and you will get a transparent and crystal clear text!