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    Bluefire Reader fulfillment-stream error


      I have recently started having problems downloading library books from Overdrive site which supports our local library (Home - Oregon Digital Library Consortium ).


      I am using an ASUS tablet running Windows 10 32 bit home edition. The software is Bluefire Reader. The exact error message is:

      Fulfillment errror - Error while streaming.



      According to several posts found on this forum, I attempted to have my Adobe ID authorization reset. Supposedly it was (though I doubt it). It did not fix the problem. (Yes I did de-authorize and re-authorize the application.)


      Another post provided a link to set the authorization, and that file downloaded and loaded into my reader with no problems. However, the problem remains with my library.


      I have disabled the firewall and anything else which might be a problem (such as my anonymizer). I can download on my desktop computer, but I am more likely to read on my tablet so I want to find a solution to this problem.

      Download error.png