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    Worse than Comcast?


      I just had one of the dumbest conversations of my life.  Has it finally happened?  Adobe makes great products, some of the best, but have you finally gotten so big that customer service no longer exists?  It's a shame.



      We've had some turn-over in my company in the past year.  Nothing terrible, just people move on.  So there's been some changes in accounting.  They called me this morning because there are charges for an adobe CC account on the company credit card, but they can't find records of whose account it was, so they thought it might be mine.  (It isn't, I pay my own)  So I agreed to track down the invoices for them.  By the way, this is not inconceivable.  It's a company that's been around for years.  It's not unthinkable that a piece of info like that could get lost in the system.  Someone filed a software request in the wrong folder.  For all I know it was years ago, long before I started here. 


      So I go to adobe...can't call, only online chat.  So we start chatting.  I give the info for the credit card, the date of the bills, the amount, and the charge reference number.


      She refuses to give me any account info without the email, even though I just proved that we're the ones paying for it.  That alone is asinine, but whatever.  SO I cancel the account instead. 


      That's all fine.  Except that she cannot send me confirmation of the cancellation, or copies of the invoices.  She actually wanted me to GUESS the email by going through every possible email address of company employees who might have ever had reason for an adobe account. (CS issues aside, it's still a good product.  There are any number of reasons why other employees might find a need for an account)


      In the end I told her that I would be recommending that accounting actually dispute the charges as fraudulent, since you cannot charge a credit card then refuse to provide invoices to the card owner. 


      Nothing.  My assumption is that this poor girl was simply following orders.  A cog in a big wheel safe in the knowledge that whatever happens it's never going to effect her in any way. 


      But it's a shame.  I still love the product, but I'm surprised that CS is so...non-existent.  Eventually adobe WILL have to show invoices to justify the charges, it's just insane that it has to be this much of a hassle.  The computer I'm typing on is less unthinking than that.  We will all now go through a whole ordeal because someone lost a check request and adobe CS is incapable of basic common sense.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          So your own company's shortcomings with respect to maintaining/providing good information is to be expected, normal, and forgivable, but an other's is not?

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            AJTaliesen Level 1

            Mistakes for both are forgivable.


            Unwillingness to engage in common sense in order to FIX those mistakes is less so.

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              AJTaliesen Level 1

              edit: besides, I'm not trying to hide the fact that this all started with an oversight on our end. 


              Mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa!


              Through my own most grevious fault hath harm cometh!


              NOW is it acceptable to go about finding a semi-reasonable solution?

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                Very similar situation and frustration:  I never have used Creative Cloud.  A former employee signed us up l and when he left his email was discontinued.  So no one knew that we were automatically renewed.  When I called Adobe they gave me the "too bad for you" response and refused to do anything (actually they offered me one month free - I don't use the darn thing so that wasn't exactly enticing).  The thing is, the renewal was 2 weeks ago!  I could see if I were using it for months and then wanted a freebee but come on...