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    Lightroom Mobile won't let me sign in?


      I have lightroom on my computer and on my iphone, and i was signed in to light room mobile on both devices. however randomly one day it sigend me out on my desktop app and now whenever I try to sign back in, the window goes blank I've uninstalled and re installed the program on my computer. signed in and out of creative cloud multiple times, but i'm still stuck with this loading screen.

      here's the log in screen

      https://68.media.tumblr.com/a526b4505092e127d8da613294a1d508/tumblr_omq2odBtHB1vl041to2_50 0.png

      here is after i put my password in. the screen just stays like this until i close the program down.

      https://68.media.tumblr.com/1ef251dd02fda6f44a0222a5b3882d43/tumblr_omq2odBtHB1vl041to1_40 0.png

      I don't know why it randomly decided to do this, but if anyone could help that would be awesome. thank you