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    Search and replace using wildcards found and replace with what was found?

    Woodsie Maggie Level 1

      Hello, and thank you in advance for helping me if you can.  I have a 700+ page document and I need to search out ^9-^9 and have it replace it with the digits found but change the - to  –.  Is that possible?  I cannot request just the change from -  to – because some of them need to remain as they need changing only in certain circumstances.  There have often been times I need to search things like this (even with ^$) and have it use the wildcard feature to find but somehow request that it replace those wildcards with the same thing that was found.  Obviously I am not an InDesign guru, so I apologize for that and any of the novice language I have used..  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
      Best Wishes,