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    Widget .mulib Creative Cloud or Dropbox Sync for Automatic updates for Widgets.

    GG_Designs Level 1

      I am wondering if this is a feature, or possibly even requesting a feature, but is there a way to integrate Say Dropbox with Muse, or maybe even the Creative Cloud Library to support .mulib files? Say I buy set of widgets, and they are updated on a daily/weekly basis. I want to be able to have those automatically updated within muse or wherever on a cloud, so when the creator of the widget updates it. Its automatically updated in Muse's library. Also if there is a way or could be a way to make custom widgets say a storefront for example,  retain all settings by the user when it is replaced by an updated widget? or if that is not the case, maybe when the widget is updated in the library, it somehow finds the code of the outdated widget and updated automatically while being used? If any of these are or can be a feature, please let me know. If it is Awesome, could you please help me on how to set that up, if it is not, i really think that would be a great and powerful feature to have within muse.