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    How to create Motion Trackers with ExtendScript?


      Hi everyone,


      Do you know whether it is possible to automatically create Motion Trackers on a layer using ExtendScript?


      The issue is that the following commands returns false or error, but I might be misunderstanding something.

      'layer' in the following code is correctly selecting my footage layer, which is the only layer in the only composition of the project.

      var layer = app.project.item(1).layer(1);
      var b1 = layer.canAddProperty("ADBE MTrackers"); // b1 = false
      var b2 = layer.motionTracker.canAddProperty("ADBE MTrackers");  // b2 = false
      var b3 = layer.motionTracker.canAddProperty("Motion Trackers");  // b3 = false
      layer.motionTracker.addProperty("Motion Trackers");  // throw error: can not add property with name "Motion Trackers" to this PropertyGroup


      Would you know if there is a way to do that? Thanks in advance!