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    Use 'milliseconds' for batch rename of photos


      When transferring my photos from my camera's memory card to my computer, one of the first thing I do is batch rename the photos to include their shooting date/time in the name.


      Because I shoot in bursts a lot of the times, I have quite a few photos that were shot within the same second.


      Renaming these photos in Lightroom results in a sequence numbers being added to the shooting date/time.


      After importing the photos in Lightroom I start culling my photos, marking the rejected ones and deleting them. This causes sometimes for 'gaps' in the sequence of photos shot within the same second. To remedy this, I would need to batch rename the photos again.


      It would be easier for me if Lightroom were able to include the 'milliseconds' attribute in the date/time of shooting like Adobe Bridge does.


      Lightroom knows this 'millisecond' value. The value is visible in the Date Created meta data field in the Library Module (see screenshot below). The field clearly shows "2017-03-31T20:02:15.46", where ".46" is the 'millisecond' part I'm referring to.

      I just wish that Lightroom would be able to use the 'millisecond' part for renaming photos, so I can do all my basic editing and organising in Lightroom only and not have to go back to Adobe Bridge just for renaming my photos.