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    Camera time 40 minutes off - How to change all the photos?


      So I have about 400 shots taken on trip but found the capture time was off by 40 minutes. If you use the LR 'Edit Capture Time' function, you cannot specify a time shift like this except for daylight savings or time zone changes. The camera clock obviously sucks to be this far off! Anyway is there a not a way to instead of changing every picture individually to set the amount of time every photo for a bulk time shift that corrects the amount of time the clock was off? I am afraid to use the first option because a) it cannot be undone and b) it says it is the change is for a specific time and date, which I would think if you have multiple photos selected then that value you enter is going to change ALL the pics to that value, and not by the time difference you enter by changing it in the bottom (Corrected Time) section.


      I am using LR 5.7.1


      If LR does not have this capability, what options are there for this situation. I