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    Bullets Within Numbered Lists Are Incorrect


      We recently upgraded from RH5 to RH7 and have noticed that quite a few of our topics are having problems when it comes to using bullets within numbered lists. Our Robo project is a number if years old and has well over 2k files in it. We are finding this issue in both old and new topics.

      We use a style sheet for our numbers and our two levels of bullets, but the bullets are not graphics. The level 1 bullets are solid circles and the level 2 bullets are solid squares. When we view our topics in the WYSIWYG, everything looks fine. When we view the topic using the "View Selected Item" button or after compiling, we find that some, but not all, of our topics have this issue.

      When a bulleted list is used after text, everything turns out fine. Its only when the bullets are used within a numbered list (for our procedures) that this happens. What we see is that our bullets change to numbers. For example, we have Step 1 (1.), Step 2 (2.) and three bullets that appear as (3., 4., 5.) even though they should be solid circles, and then our Step 3 appears as it should (3.).

      Again this is happening to both new and old topics, but not all topics. In order to "fix" the issue, we have to remove the style from the bulleted text and use the "Create a Bulleted List" button in Robo and adjust the alignment and paragraph spacing to match what our style sheet has.

      Any and all help would be much appreciated. Attached is the code from a topic that appears incorrectly. If you would like a sample of a topic that appears correctly, please let me know.

      Thank you!