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    reason why files not converted?

    elizabethe37334605 Level 1

      I am an archivist, working on a large collection of born-digital photos, and have been using the Adobe DNG converter version 9.8 to convert thousands of NEF files to DNG, keeping the default preferences in the converter (Camera Raw 7.1 and later compatibility, etc.). A few days ago, I converted 20567 images in one batch. When it was complete, it said that 20545 images were converted (as shown in this screenshot):conversionStatus.PNG

      I now have a two part issue:

      1) identifying which 22 images didn't convert. I can't scroll all the way through this on-screen log to see which files it is (it'd be great to have a feature to see where the errors were, or print a full log). I think I am going to have to use a Python script to count the number of DNGs vs. NEFs in each folder and try to work that way, but if there is more robust error reporting in the DNG converter that I'm not aware of, I'm open to ideas.

      2) figuring out why this issue may have happened? I am certain that all the images were NEF. I thought I may not be able to figure out why the issue happened until I figure out the first part of which images didn't convert.


      Any advice on either part of this problem would be appreciated!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That seems to be a large number of images to try to convert all of once, especially in a free utility. Any one of a number of things could go wrong. There could be a glitch in the computer to just stumble and skip a couple of images here and there. I realize you have a big job to convert that many images, and it would be tempting and very easy to just let the DNG converter do the job all at once. I think it would be a better choice to break it down into smaller segments that are easier to manage so that you can identify problems that may arise. I don't know anything about the scripts that you refer to. But if you can do that effectively you probably have your own  solution. I hope you have success.