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    Blurb ICC profile does not show when soft proofing in LR


      What is the current status of LR support for the Blurb ICC profile?  I have the current CC version of LR (through Photography Program subscription) and I do not see the Blurb profile as well as a bunch of other profiles installed on my Windows computer.  My understanding is that LR does not support CMYK profiles.


      Blurb is the default photo book service in LR and one cannot easily soft proof the images that go into a book.  Moreover, most printer/paper profiles are CMYK.  Why have a soft proofing built int LR when one cannot use it for printing?


      I am just curious if anyone at Adobe is working on this issue.  I am aware of the following:

      • The Blurb profile is apparently useless (according to some discussions here a couple of years ago).  Whether it is or is not is not the issue.  Soft proofing should support CMYK profiles since most printers use them
      • I can soft proof in Photoshop.  Again, this is not the issue here.
      • Blurb books come out fine is the images look good on a calibrated monitor.  Again, this is not the issue.
      • The CMYK profiles (including Blurb) still work if they were installed before the time the support was removed (LR6 ?).  Unfortunately, I tried to reinstall the Blurb profile so now I do not see it.


      Thanks in advance,