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    Help with ICC Printer Profiles in LR CC on MBP


      I have a new MacBook Pro and am unable to get my icc printer profiles to show up in the print dialog box in LR CC.

      I am printing to a Canon Pro9000 Mark II, and printing on Canon paper. I want to match the profiles to the paper. I want to print from LR.


      Here's what I do:

      In LR CC...

      I select a photo and go to the print module.

      I click on Color Management > Profile

      It currently says, Managed by Printer

      I click on that and it offers only the option "Other..."

      I click on "Other..." and a Choose Profiles window opens up

      No profiles are visible.

      When I click the "Include Display Profiles" check box I see a number of display profiles, but none of the printer profiles that are visible in PhotoShop CC.


      In PS I have more than a dozen options visible, e.g. "Canon Pro9000 Mark II <PTN> 1 Photo Paper Pro Platinum N" (along with more than a dozen others)

      These are what I had previously in my LR on my older MBP in Lightroom CC. In fact I still have my older MBP with LR CC installed on it. All the printer profiles are still available and visible in the Profile: drop-down box under Color Management on the old MBP/LR CC combination.


      Is this an issue only with the new MBP?


      I'm really puzzled by this. How do I get them to show up in LR? I use LR constantly to print my photos. I do not want to print from PS.


      Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.